Why Did Donald Trump Win?

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Written by: Ryan-Mae McAvoy

Following up on my last piece, I really wanted to delve into how I think Trump won this election. George and I had been having discussions with our own thoughts on the who, what, when, and why. I really had to piece together how a man who is known for Reality TV and poor hair styling is now our President-Elect. So I wanted to respond to a lot of the hate that I am seeing against Trump voters, for the sake of the 2 sides to every argument.

I never once thought Donald Trump would be our next president, I thought I would wake up to Hillary as President-elect. The thought was a hard one that left me with a variety of emotion; I would love to see a woman finally break that glass ceiling, this country deserves a leader who is capable no matter what their gender. Little girls need to know they can be president.  But for me, personally, I was not a Hilary supporter; I could not get past my own issues on why she was not my candidate. I cannot help but wonder if a part of this upset is due to many women, myself included, who did not want to have the discussion on why we felt that a candidate using sexist terms, and acting very chauvinistic, was the better choice. Maybe we wanted a women president, just not this particular woman.

I honestly think Trump winning the election is the will of the silent majority. I think that despite all the hate being spewed that only people who are racist, sexist, or bigots could vote for Trump. Worse, it’s been accused that maybe his voters don’t like what he says, but that they are okay with it. This is not why I think Trump won, I do not think the majority of voting people are like, “Sure you can be a horrible person and we support that.” I think it is more likely that smart, critical thinking people researched, and formed their own opinions. I do not think Donald Trump is a great person, he is 100% not my first choice as a Republican president. But, at the end of the day, he was the best suited for what I would want my government to accomplish in the next four years.

I think Trump won this election on a promise brought to us by a former leader, people want change. We want to know that someone outside the is able to break into the same old same old of Washington and shake things up. Is Trump going to move mountains and unite this country? I don’t know, but I hope so. It seems that a lot of voters are hoping so too.

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