What’s up with the Election Recount?

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Written by: George Burns III

There’s been a lot of talk over this long weekend about this Presidential election recount.  So, let’s start with some facts.  By the Electoral Count, which is what matters, Donald J Trump has won the election, with 290 electoral votes, where, Hillary Clinton will only receive 232 electoral votes (CNN has done a great job of tracking electoral votes here).

As we all know, Presidential elections are decided by electoral vote, not popular vote.  There’s been a lot of discussion on the popular vote, leading up to this week, because it looks like this will be the fifth election where the winner of the Electoral vote will not be the winner of the populate vote (Wikipedia has a pretty solid article outlining these five elections here).  By percentage of votes, this election is not much to shake a stick at, but by vote count, the disparity is much more interesting.  Not all of the popular votes have been counted and certified yet, and the disparity stands at more than 2.2 million.  By comparison, the 2000 Presidential election, which resulted the same way, only had a populate vote disparity of 543,000.

So, what votes are we recounting?  For now, just those in Wisconsin.  That in an of itself is not enough to change the result of an election.  That opinion is echoed by Bernie Sanders, who stated this morning that this election recount is, “not a big deal,” as outlined by Politico.

Votes in two other states, Pennsylvania and Michigan, have also come into question.  I won’t get into why these votes are being questioned (yet), but let’s get a grasp of what this potential is bringing to the hopeful.

Let’s cast all of the cards in Hillary’s direction; the vote counts are re-tallied in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, and the newly certified results change the course of the election.  After what would prove to be one monumental court case that our children would be study, let’s assume that the Supreme Court re-certifies the election with Hillary Clinton as the winner.

Assuming all that, let’s take it a few steps further.  Now, the Clinton team will have just a couple weeks to build a government, in a political atmosphere that would undeniably be more charged than it already is today.  It would be unprecedented, and it would be a test to our Constitution and founding principles.

But, like Senator Sanders said, don’t get your hopes up.  Donald Trump has been named the President-elect of the United States.  His government is falling into place, and our elected officials are assuming their positions behind him.  Upturning that would not be a smooth process.  But, for those pinning their hopes on this… don’t.

I’ll be paying close attention to these events, and I’ll be Tweeting about this, too.  Follow our Tweets here, on this, and many other topics.

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  1. I want a nation wide recount! I am sure Hillary won. And she would be able to get her administration together in no time at all. So don’t let that stop us from a fair election.

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