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The votes have been cast, and the winner has been declared.  Did the results pan out how I wanted them to?  No, no they did not.  Do I accept the legitimacy of this election and the legitimacy of the claim to office?  100%

This is how our Democracy works.  In any election, there is joy and there is disappointment.  That’s not unique to our nation.  What IS unique to us is the peaceful transition of power from one administration to the next.  The baton is handed off without incident, and our newly elected leader resumes the business of running the country.  No one jails their former opponent.  There’s not retaliation.  We act like civilized adults and move on.

Last night, I was ready to shed tears for Hillary as she finally broke through that final glass ceiling.  Then, as the night went on, and election results rolled in, I became more and more nervous.  Dinner in our house was much quieter than normal.  We cleaned up and sat right down on the couch and glued ourselves to CNN.

The transition from anxious and quiet to just quiet didn’t register until I looked back.  I do remember Tom looking at me, asking, “He’s not really going to win this, is he?”

I replied back with, “He cannot, I forbid it.”  We smiled and moved on.  That’s how I diffuse things… I laugh.  I make other laugh.  A smile is contagious, and most of the time I’m looking to infect everyone.

So far today, I’ve not felt the need to be funny or make anyone laugh.  I’m still quiet.  I’m still processing.  I started the day saying I was sad, and my brother called me out for being a bit too melodramatic.  He was right, I was being melodramatic, and I wasn’t fully exploring my reaction.

So, I thought honestly about the consequences of a Trump presidency.  And, what I came up with did not put my mind at ease.  There’s a very good chance that President Trump will nominate, possibly, the next four Justices to sit on the Supreme Court.  He’s expressed the opinion that women should be punished for exercising their right to an abortion.  He committed to building a wall along our Mexican border.  More, and more, and more.

Then, I calmed myself down a bit, let my coffee sink in, and tried to look at positives.  I mean, by most people standards, he has been a very successful businessman.  Yes, he’s taken gambles that did not pan out and resulted in some heavy losses.  But, he’s also built a successful multi-billion dollar empire.  So, I am incredibly hopeful that he will focus on the economy and reinvigorate the American manufacturing system.  Our economy needs a good kick, everyone can see that.  Sure, it’s getting better, but we need to make some big things happen, and I need someone to put in a program that can make that possible.

I’m still concerned about his rhetoric.  Almost every time he opens his mouth, he proves to the world that he’s an asshole.  He, from what I can see, deals in a very binary terms, in a world that operates on millions of different numbers.  Shades of grey seem to not occur to him, and grey is something that our next world leader needs to see.

I’m concerned about his business interests conflicting with his new status as President.  He seemed to make a joke of the question of putting his business interests into a Blind Trust during the debates, an issue that I feel should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind today.  He cannot both operate, or have any knowledge of, or influence over, the Trump Organization, and hold the office of President.

And…. now I really am going to need to see his tax returns.


  1. I agree with what you said and luckily your opinion of him is kinder than mine. Hillary and President Obama have been very gracious, I will try to be also.

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