The Conservative Reaction – Why Hillary Lost

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Written by: Ryan-May McAvoy

Reading George’s Piece “Why Hillary Lost” brought up some really good points that gave me a perspective into what my ideal candidate would be.

As I was said before, I was convinced Hillary was going to take the election. It was that fact alone that swayed my vote they way it did. I didn’t want her to win, I couldn’t see what the appeal of the appeared masses was. Then my dear friend George, who is some weird comic twin of mine, nailed on the head where my dislike came from – her entitlement.
It truly hit me like a ton of bricks, I really didn’t think I disliked Hillary just because she was a Democrat. I really didn’t like how she just “Expected the job,” I think the point of her avoiding “Firewall states” just confirms that she was probably more surprised than the masses when she lost. It is a strange thought to me, as I really don’t dislike Obama, that I would be against a continuance of his policies.
While I don’t have a huge issue with most of what Obama tried to accomplish, I also found myself wishing we could keep him as the election was a special kind of hell, with no amazing candidate showing up. But I think Hillary projecting that all was great, and it would be business as usual, was ultimately her undoing. I also think that the clear mishandling of the Bernie situation created a lot of distrust within the Democratic party. I think the equation of the distrust, combined with a large Republican refusal to admit they were supporting Trump, is what ultimately sealed the deal on this election.
Lastly, after reading George’s piece, I made some personal realizations about a women in the White House. I am 100% convinced this nation is ready for a female Commander in Chief.  However, I think it needs to be the right women; drastic change requires a drastic individual. Hillary was too confident, she didn’t have the humility I would associate with such a huge milestone. Obama, being the first non-white president, handled all the talk and backlash with such grace. But, at the end of the day, you could see he was aware of what he had done, and it was presented with just the right amount of pride, gratefulness, and a hint of surprise. Hilary spent so much time shying away from the female card,, I can’t help but wonder if she just thinks of herself as one of the good old boys, and, to me, this is another reason she suffered defeat.
When this country finally does have a female President, I hope she is graceful, and proud. I hope she is humble and kind. I want her to bust through that last glass ceiling and make a difference.

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