On this Veteran’s Day

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Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom of expression…. a small sample of the liberties that we, as Americans, enjoy each day.  That freedom is what allows us to write this blog, and to speak our minds.

Freedom is not free.  Freedom has been granted to us by the blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes lives, of those honorable Men and Women who have served in uniform.  I never have, and I cannot express enough gratitude to those that have.

So, take a minute today.  Thank a Veteran.  Donate to a Veteran’s charity.  Fly the American flag.


This morning, when I got the Y to workout, like I do every morning, it was decorated with all of these little American flags.  And I said to the woman who works at the front desk, “Wow, I love all of these flags in support of Veterans Day.”  Little did I know that when she left, before I did, she walked up to my car and put a flag under the wiper for me.  THAT has made my morning.

Be thankful for your freedom today, everyone.

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