Presidential security briefings

Written by: George Burns III Earlier today, I shared an article on Facebook about President-elect Trump’s decision to only participate in certain security briefings.  Instead, it appears that Vice President-elect Pence has been attending the President’s Daily Brief, presumably at the behest of the President-elect. Formally known as the President’s

A little bit of everything

As I sit here, reading blog post and blog comment after blog post and blog comment, I am struck by how diverse we are as a group. Most of us are friends or at least friends of friends. Most of us have met each other at some stage, if only

Back to Reality

Written by: Kurt Helke Hi! I’m Kurt.  I write this to try to take down some of the barriers and labels that society has set.  I don’t associate myself firmly to one political party, but I tend to have a conservative lean based upon my beliefs.  I tend to vote

The Liberal Response – Why Trump Won

Written by: George Burns III Over the last almost two weeks, I have had several conversations with friends and colleagues about the result of the election.  All of these conversations have opened up new ideas for me, and I have learned a lot, not only about myself, but about my

Why This Election Hurt So Badly – Part 1

Written by: Matt O’Brien As I sit here at 1:22 AM because, sleep….What’s that?  I’m drinking what is, no doubt, the first of many Guinness’ in order to get through to those individuals who voted for that Orange Bastard, Donald Trump.  Thankfully, only one person I “know” has done so,