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As I sit here, reading blog post and blog comment after blog post and blog comment, I am struck by how diverse we are as a group. Most of us are friends or at least friends of friends. Most of us have met each other at some stage, if only

What’s up with the Election Recount?

Written by: George Burns III There’s been a lot of talk over this long weekend about this Presidential election recount.  So, let’s start with some facts.  By the Electoral Count, which is what matters, Donald J Trump has won the election, with 290 electoral votes, where, Hillary Clinton will only

Election Recount

Ahhh!  Of course, on my quiet weekend away from the computer, news happens! The Clinton campaign has just announced that they will take part in some of the recount events happening….  Check this out! http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/26/politics/clinton-campaign-recount/index.html More opinions and analysis to come when I’m back at my laptop!

Why Did Hillary Lose?

Written by: George Burns III That’s the question that a lot of us are asking… Why did Hillary lose the election?  Most pollsters lead us to believe that Hillary was going to win the election by a very comfortable margin in the Electoral College, only to leave us disillusioned on

My First Election

Written by: Kari Fulk It is my civic duty to vote. If you don’t vote, you are part of the problem. By not voting, you are not allowed to complain. By voting Third Party you are throwing away your vote. I have been able to vote for ten years, however

Redefining Who I Am

Written by: Nicole Libbert Let me introduce my political self.  I am a Democrat… Or at least I thought I was – up until this presidential election.  I was raised as a Democrat, and I followed blindly. “I am a strong independent woman.”  “I have every civil right to choose

Decisions are made by those who show up

Not only is that above statement true, but as an informed constituent, I think that it’s important to understand WHO showed up. The Pew Research Center (a non-partisan, self-described “fact-tank,” based in Washington DC, providing information about social issues, opinions and demographic trends in the United States and around the

Hello from the other side

During all the emotion of this election, I was so happy and proud of George for deciding to start this site. I was eager to help as I think our friendship is a very good example of the America I believe in, because label wise we aren’t the same; Common

The Next day

The votes have been cast, and the winner has been declared.  Did the results pan out how I wanted them to?  No, no they did not.  Do I accept the legitimacy of this election and the legitimacy of the claim to office?  100% This is how our Democracy works.  In