Why does the Electoral College matter?

Written by: George Burns III There has been a lot of discussion, as of late, as to whether or not the Electoral College system of electing a President still works for our Nation.  I understand both sides of the argument; keeping the Electoral College and the tradition that it comes

Presidential security briefings

Written by: George Burns III Earlier today, I shared an article on Facebook about President-elect Trump’s decision to only participate in certain security briefings.  Instead, it appears that Vice President-elect Pence has been attending the President’s Daily Brief, presumably at the behest of the President-elect. Formally known as the President’s

A little bit of everything

As I sit here, reading blog post and blog comment after blog post and blog comment, I am struck by how diverse we are as a group. Most of us are friends or at least friends of friends. Most of us have met each other at some stage, if only

What’s up with the Election Recount?

Written by: George Burns III There’s been a lot of talk over this long weekend about this Presidential election recount.  So, let’s start with some facts.  By the Electoral Count, which is what matters, Donald J Trump has won the election, with 290 electoral votes, where, Hillary Clinton will only

Election Recount

Ahhh!  Of course, on my quiet weekend away from the computer, news happens! The Clinton campaign has just announced that they will take part in some of the recount events happening….  Check this out! http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/26/politics/clinton-campaign-recount/index.html More opinions and analysis to come when I’m back at my laptop!

Back to Reality

Written by: Kurt Helke Hi! I’m Kurt.  I write this to try to take down some of the barriers and labels that society has set.  I don’t associate myself firmly to one political party, but I tend to have a conservative lean based upon my beliefs.  I tend to vote

The Liberal Response – Why Trump Won

Written by: George Burns III Over the last almost two weeks, I have had several conversations with friends and colleagues about the result of the election.  All of these conversations have opened up new ideas for me, and I have learned a lot, not only about myself, but about my